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Service Options

Service Options

Planning a funeral service and cremation can be a very difficult process for families who have just lost a loved one. But it’s important to provide those who are grieving with a supportive environment in which they can begin to find closure, say goodbye, and come to terms with the loss. We offer a variety of cremation services to meet each individual’s unique needs, from a simple cremation to beautifully personalized funeral services.

Cremation with Viewing

Cremation & Public Viewing $3,415

Tradition offers an opportunity to say goodbye to your loved one. With a traditional or public viewing, your family and friends will be able to gather together and have the opportunity to experience closure. Casket is included.



  • Standard Cremation (under 250 pounds)
  • Viewing
  • Casket Included (Casket Product #30 HP)
  • Procurement and filing of Death Certificate
  • Local Transportation of decedent (within a 30-mile radius)
  • Decedent Care with refrigeration
  • Urn is sold separately

Cremation and Funeral Services

Cremation $1,298


  • *Standard Cremation (under 250 pounds)
  • *Local Transportation of decedent (within a 30-mile radius)
  • Procurement of Death Certificate
  • Decedent care with Refrigeration
  • Cardboard cremation container
  • Sales Tax and Permit
  • Urn is sold is separately

Memorial Service in Garden Pavilion $795

Tradition Cemetery Funeral Pavilion provides a beautiful place to hold a memorial service. This outdoor facility is surrounded by an inviting atmosphere with trellised walkways, manicured trees and beautiful landscaping. The pavilion service center is a permanent structure with a complete sound system. Our fee includes the use of the facility, plenty of chairs and a funeral attendant to assist in all your needs during the event.

This fee is in addition to our Cremation Fee

(Casket and Viewing are not included in this option)

Memorial Service $1,995 (Traditional Chapel)

Hold a memorial service in our Traditional Chapel. The chapel is equipped with two large screen TVs and a sound system for your use, adjoining outdoor courtyard with a refreshment room. We provide water, lemonade, coffee, and cookies for everyone.

This fee is in addition to our cremation fee.

(Casket and viewing are not included with this option)

Traditional Funeral with Viewing and Cremation $4,965

*Price Includes:

  • A traditional funeral with viewing, Standard Casket (#30 HP)
  • Standard Cremation (Under 250 pounds)
  • Procurement and filing of Death Certificate
  • Local Transportation of decedent
  • Decedent care with embalming
  • Casket Included
  • Urn is sold separately


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